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We know you work hard for the money. Not just like 9-5 hard, but like putting-in-the-extra-hours-to-show-them-you-have-what-it-takes kind of hard. And if our calculations are correct then you probably spend way more time staring at your drab gray cubicle walls than you do enjoying soft breezes caress your vitamin D-deprived skin. If you have to spend most of your time working, then you might as well make the space you work from enjoyable with cute and trendy home décor.

At Red Dress®, we know how stressful the daily grind can get. That’s exactly why we’ve decided to offer so many fabulous scented candles and room sprays you can use to create your own little oasis of Zen right at your desk. Choose from our selection of handpicked accessories to create a boutique home office that’s calming and practical, but also helps you slay all day.

Feeling a bit tense after a rather interminable conference call with a less-than-polite client? Take a quick sail around the bay in your mind with the help of a little spritz of beachy room spray. Or breathe in the citrus orchards of California with a deliciously fragrant jar candle to perk up after another not-so-exciting staff meeting (thank goodness for doughnuts, right?).

As nice as it is to have a peaceful workspace, we all know efficiency is what really matters in getting noticed. Make your hard work shine a little brighter with the help of our cute office supplies. Take meeting notes in style with our vibrant and fun Lily Pulitzer® desk accessories.

Show the powers that be how good organization looks on you with our Kate Spade New York® office décor and cute spiral notebooks to keep track of all of those projects you’ve been crushing. And – most importantly – arrive to work on time and ready to go with one of our many sweet and sassy travel mugs, made to hold the ultimate fuel for all brilliant ideas.

Whatever the job, where ever the location, we’re confident that we have something at Red Dress® to help make your day a little brighter and productive. And that’s a bottom line anyone can sign off on.
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