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Red Dresses

When asked, women overwhelmingly agree that red dresses make them feel sexy. But when digging deeper into why they choose to wear red dresses, it’s much more than being sexy. Fashionistas put it like this:

“I feel fierce. Empowered. Like no one can touch me unless I want them to. Oh, and I’ll kick some butt as needed.”

“When I’m dressed up in a long red dress, I feel powerful and in control, even spicy.”

“Always feel the self-assurance when I wear red. Makes me feel like I can conquer anything. Total BossBabe.”

“Fancy red dresses let me add the color to a black-tie dinner that would otherwise be perfectly boring. Oh, and I’m easy to find, like a dashing red sports car in a parking lot.”

“A short red dress makes me feel like I’m living on the edge, and y’all need to watch out.”

“I don’t wear red to feel noticed. I wear it because I feel gorgeous. It’s about me. No one else. I feel confident, as if I’m choosing to hold the power.” 

So, why do you want and need a red dress? Simple. Every fashionista wants to claim her own power, to feel confident in what she has on, to be reborn like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the past. To simply remember that she is a true badass, but mostly to feel like Wonder Woman when she looks at herself in the mirror. Because she is.

Alright darling, ready to rock your world with a new RED dress paired with dazzling jewelry and accessories? We have the perfect one for you, from candy apple bright to deep wine. Come find your own statement of strength in a gorgeous dress. She’s waiting...
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