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Created by Estelle in the South of France, Sundress was born in 2014. It was after starting her career in Paris and drawing inspiration from her travels that she launched her own brand. Ever inspired by floaty dresses and bold silhouettes, and thirsty for adventure, Estelle left the tumult of Parisian life at 23 years old to create sun-soaked, elegant and timeless collections. 

Deeply influenced by Mediterranean culture, Sundress embodies femininity and vacation style with perfection. Striking a balance between simplicity and opulence, our collections are imagined in France and created by our artisans in India and in Italy. 

More than a brand, Sundress is a universe. Sundress is a state of mind.


Summer keeps calling, persistently. 

Vacation rejects you putting it off any longer. 

And, the sunshine outside refuses to be ignored. (It’s totally creeping in your window earlier and earlier every day, and staying out longer.) 

Hmmm, we wonder why? 


Ah-hah! It must be the season for all your favorite sundress brands to show off their best sundress styles, just for you to notice. Right? Yeah, girl, you know it! Now, where can you find those perfect sundresses to wear all season long?

Psssst...sweet lady, we have them all. From classy halter top silhouettes you can wear to a wine tasting with your work friends to sultry strapless styles that assist you in catching Mr. Right Now’s eye at an outdoor concert. *Giggle.* Then, there are those twirly-breezy midi dresses that make you wanna dance down the boardwalk on a whim. And last, but not least, the magnificent maxi dresses that you can’t resist because they feel oh-la-la-luxurious on you. 

Oh, and did we mention that flirty sundresses truly do spark romance? And sultry winks can lead to summer flings or forever fashionable love? No? Oh-my-lands! Well, now you know. #facts. They totally do (only when you are wearing them, of course). *Smirk.* Besides, no summer story is complete without the gift of the perfect sundress to yourself. Just sayin’.

Anyhow darling, you know you need all the sundress clothing in your life, in your wardrobe and in your best laid plans. Plans for being the most charming fashionista ever seen ’round these parts. And from the way you look wearing that charming little sundress, you might need to wear a warning label that says, “Beware, complete perfection ahead.” Any questions? 

Now, stop lollygagging with us and go find that new favorite dress and let the sunshine warm your world.

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