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The Brainiac

Gifts for Brainiacs


Who does not love some brain-joggling games, especially this time of the year? We know that you surely do! During the festive seasons, all we can think of is games, eggnogs and tons of shopping. So, we found the perfect way to sizzle and tease those brain cells with some good brainiac games.


Get your heads together, or should we say, get your brains together and solve some mind-twisting puzzles. Looking for a more strategic game? Try the game of Clue and be the best sleuth that anybody has ever seen. But if you like to read…then why not delve into the complex theory of relativity storybook. If you are in the mood for some classics because classics never fail, then play a classic board game like chess and checkers. Let the juices of the healthy competition flow during some camaraderie.


What we love the most is that our brainiac collection makes perfect gifts for intellectuals or even pick them up as gifts for brainiacs to juice them up. See your family and friends go all gaga when they unwrap your holiday gifts. We promise you that they won’t be able to resist playing it right away. We don’t blame them because it is not only intriguing but also engaging. Did we mention that brain-stimulating games are also good for your memory? Yes, they are.


We are completely in love with our brainiac collection because not only is it a cute gift, but also a must-have in every family for a heartwarming family time. So, browse through our collection and pick one for yourself and your loved ones now so that you can have that well-spent family and friends evening. A game that entertains and is also healthy…Wow! Now, that is a win-win!

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